Montana catchup

Great time in Montana.

First got to visit with Todd and Audrey and Chaco at their place in Paradise Valley near Livingston. We did some hiking in Pine Creek and dinner at the perfect cafe to greet your arrival in Montana, Pine Creek Cafe. The Buffalo Sloppy Joes were spicy and great to wash down with Todd’s favorite: Miller Lite. 

Paradise Valley from 28 Cutthroat

The morning of the second day was spent enjoying the View from the front porch of the house and checking out their amazing home. We did a swing through town (Livingston) to pick up supplies and get a necessary coffee infusion.  

Then we headed out to West Boulder Meadows for some more hiking in the Beartooth wilderness in the Gallatin National Forest.  The forest had burned two years ago and there was ample evidence of that as well as regrowth. A great day with lots of pictures including the happy couple & dog, me posing in front of the Brokaw’s ranch a view of the Crazies Mtn range on the road back.

Beartooth entrance

 We made it back to Livingston, had stopped off in town to see Mark’s burger joint before heading to Pizza night where we met up with some friends. The day ended back in Paradise Valley with some shots during the magic hour just before sunset.  We shot lots of pictures of the sunset and the cloud formations and enjoyed the last rays on the mountains.  The Yellowstone river was also high because of the snowmelt from the recent 85F+ days.

Monday I headed to Bozeman to visit with Robb, who overlapped at Duke for his Postdoc and my graduate work.  I got to meet his lab and spend some time getting ready to teach a tutorial and give a seminar at Montana State. I took some time to walk around and check out the downtown as well as had some meals with students and faculty there.  Was a fun visit, I learned about the microbial and metagenomic research going on in Yellowstone, met students working on some interesting projects (I now a lot more about viruses in hot springs than I did before!), and some more connections to how labs are using genomes and comparisons in many different biological systems.

By the end I was exhausted and ready for my own bed at home, but enjoyed the visits with everyone immensely.  Thanks to Robb for organizing and inviting me out and Todd and Audrey for showing me around their slice of the valley.