Day 1 JGI meeting wrapup

Jonathan and I tried our best to liveblog JGI meeting today. I ended up running out of battery during Joe Ecker’s talk (which was great, full of data!) and full of. The day continued with a talk from Dick Smith on proteomics, mostly focused on methodology. Of course these talks are supposed to be overviews and to some extent a JGI cheerleading to what interesting new projects can be addressed by the institute. Day finished with keynote from Chris Somerville from EBI (no not that EBI) and UC Berkeley on cellulosic biofuels. Some very cool stuff but to some extent showcasing the different avenues of feed stock, chemistry, and biofermentation approaches that are being explored.

Here’s a friendfeed room so we can be more organized tomorrow.


Liveblogging JGI UserMeeting: Joe Ecker

Joe Ecker, Salk institute.

Plant genomes good… Joe to talk about the importance of deep understanding of a single system. Arabidopsis is the reference plant. Still a lot of unknown. “Sequence enabled science” Systems biology for building a parts-list information. 70M genome project for Arabidopsis. Transcriptome, proteome. Couldn’t find the genes until getting expression. (The teams at TIGR really did a great job with the annotation to make this resource I will say).

Sequencing to capture information about variation, RNA, RNA degradation, alternative splicing, small RNAs, DNA methylation (epigenetic variation). (What browser is he showing, this seems like a custom view, but not sure).