This little…

This linux info snippet worked perfectly to add some extra space to a DomU Xen image. Been struggling with this for too long but this made it painless!


Trying to run KohGPI but needed to find SPRANNLIB

Trying to run KohGPI but needed to find SPRANNLIB which is not available for what I can see – but found GNU-i-fied version in clibs directory of

This implementation also depends on the GNU Scientific Library (GSL) which you’ll need to build and install beforehand.

Then to build SPRANNLIB  download and untar the rlab archive. Go to ‘clibs/sprannlib/src’ and type make. If things are in order it will make a library in ../lib called libsprann.a spr_$ARCH.a where $ARCH is your architecture (x86_64, etc).

The .a files can be deployed in your normal place for manual (non-RPM/DEB) installations (/usr/local/pkg/sprannlib for me with symlinks to the libraries in /usr/local/lib). Then go back and build kohgpi but you may need to update the Makefile so that the library paths point to your sprannlib installation location.

MakerFaire 2009

Kinetic Arts, originally uploaded by jason.stajich.

Had a fun day at MakerFaire 2009 – quite overwhelmed by the things to see and do. Picked up a few fun wood art+science piece for my new office. I loved what Xylocopa makes – check them out, one of the pair is a lifesciences graduate student and also an artist drawing some deliciously detailed designs.

We also saw some more fun kinetic art like this piece as well as a some more art pieces from kinetic artist and friend Benjamin Cowden.

I also really want a 3D printer now – just need to figure out how we’ll actually (i.e. in lab) the scanned micrographs turned into 3D models of fungal cells…

My Flickr album plus lots more from others with makerfaire and makerfaire2009 tags.