Scenes from DC

Some scenes from DC and our visit to National Botanical Garden. There was an Orchid display that was breathtaking. The trusty new DMC-FC580 camera (and great carrying case) took some great shots and am so happy with it.

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The wall prints reminded that that crops are important plants just like endangered cactus and beautiful orchids.

Citris is important! Rice is important!
We also went to The Phillips collection near Dupont Circle to see the Georgia O’Keeffe Abstractions exhibition but didn’t take any pictures of those. However, I did enjoy this painting Succession by Wassily KANDINSKY on display and of course the Van Gough and Renoir paintings on display.

MakerFaire 2009

Kinetic Arts, originally uploaded by jason.stajich.

Had a fun day at MakerFaire 2009 – quite overwhelmed by the things to see and do. Picked up a few fun wood art+science piece for my new office. I loved what Xylocopa makes – check them out, one of the pair is a lifesciences graduate student and also an artist drawing some deliciously detailed designs.

We also saw some more fun kinetic art like this piece as well as a some more art pieces from kinetic artist and friend Benjamin Cowden.

I also really want a 3D printer now – just need to figure out how we’ll actually (i.e. in lab) the scanned micrographs turned into 3D models of fungal cells…

My Flickr album plus lots more from others with makerfaire and makerfaire2009 tags.

Breathtaking way to interact with images

A demo at the TED conference shows some pretty breathtaking views of some new software call photosynth and their approaches to interact with large sets of images and also to gather images of the same thing and merge them into composite images. I’m not quite sure if this can be applied to genomics visualization, but some of the ideas of stitching together these images would be interesting.

See the video on the TED site or lower res on youtube.

I found this first at

Web 2.0 and museums

brooklyn museumThe Brooklyn museum is using the web, including myspace, and Flickr to connect visitors and share beyond the walls of the museum in NY. I went last fall to the Annie Leibovitz exhibit which had just opened, and I thought was fantastic. They have a Flickr pool for the museum as well as for the brooklyn bridge and I contributed a few to both. They have a paper detailing the efforts and I think represent a really innovative way to bring art and history more intimately to modern daily lives.

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