MonkeyTeX: Online LaTeX Editor

In case you and your collaborators are geeky enough to use LaTeX but not geeky enough to use something like SVN or CVS you can collaborate with MonkeyTeX.


2 thoughts on “MonkeyTeX: Online LaTeX Editor

  1. I’m sure you’re aware of it, but I’m spreading the word to as many people as possible – LyX is awesome.

    I wrote my thesis in it — it does most things that LaTeX does, has decent bibtex interaction (pull down citeulike as bibtex, clean up with bibtool + custom perl, load into LyX), has change tracking + reviewing, built-in versioning, document inclusion (child documents), easy tables + images + math, export to OpenOffice/rtf/txt/html (via texmf) plus all the WYSIWYM goodness.

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