Web 2.0 and museums

brooklyn museumThe Brooklyn museum is using the web, including myspace, and Flickr to connect visitors and share beyond the walls of the museum in NY. I went last fall to the Annie Leibovitz exhibit which had just opened, and I thought was fantastic. They have a Flickr pool for the museum as well as for the brooklyn bridge and I contributed a few to both. They have a paper detailing the efforts and I think represent a really innovative way to bring art and history more intimately to modern daily lives.

There are people using Flickr to connect a NY MoMA community as well. I really like way we we can connect what some people might call “archival” culture that is found in museums with popular “living” culture that one experiences. Of course big cities like New York and Chicago are a places where the two intermingle more – or maybe that is just what that tell you on the movies… I guess I do end up thinking differently about culture when visiting big cities, but I don’t think it has to be exclusive of them.

(The “archival culture” description is a running joke among a few friends – not something I made up).


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