more filesystems on Mac

Have a server you ssh to and would like to be interact with it like it was a local mounted volume? TUAW has a nice link about this. You can also see how to use the MacFUSE system for a more comprehensive tutorial on FUSE.

Turns out that fink has the GMAILfs and FUSE pluginsto you can mount all kinds of things. Your GMAIL account can be a filesystem.

Gmail Filesystem provides a mountable filesystem which uses your Gmail
account as its storage medium. Gmail Filesystem is a Python
application and uses the FUSE userland filesystem infrastructure to
help provide the filesystem, and libgmail to communicate with Gmail.
GmailFS supports most file operations such as read, write, open,
close, stat, symlink, link, unlink, truncate and rename. This means
that you can use all your favourite unix command line tools to operate
on files stored on Gmail (e.g. cp, ls, mv, rm, ln, grep etc. etc.).
Usage Notes:
Copy gmailfs.conf from the doc directory to ~/.gmailfs.conf (and edit it).
Then run “gmailfs /path/to/mountpoint”
Web site:

Now, how many free GMAIL account invites do you have * how much space, means you could have a lot free-storage if you wanted…


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