Hacking the phy into informatics

Back in Durham for phyloinformatics hackathon. Fun to be back after 6 months. Restaurants and local stores are all the same, but everything seems a little different than before. Haven’t gone to the grocery store to appreciate the variety (and price) of produce at our market back in Berkeley.

What are we accomplishing at the hack-a-thon? We’re trying to build better access to various phylogenetic packages into toolkits like BioPerl. This means building better data modeling, better parsers, and better understanding of the data flow. It also means we have to write documentation describing a lot of stuff that already exists. 3 and half more days to see what we can get done, certainly great to have so many minds that think about phylogenetics and molecular evolutionary theory in one room with another group equally adept in pushing sequence and other data around.


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