Sunset in Wyoming (Day 12)


Originally uploaded by jason.stajich.

I just love this shot. We had just stopped to get gas and dinner after driving straight about halfway across wyoming. Shell (pop 50 or so) is still 90 minutes from Cody I believe and we got dinner at Dirty Annie’s. They had some of the best burgers we had on the trip. A huge 1/2lb burger on these giant rolls. While we waited for the food Amy took the dogs for a walk, when she got back to the car the sun had started to set and this beautiful landscape was just ahead.

The rest of the evening was a lot less peaceful as we ended up driving through the night to Shoshone national forest to camp, just east of yellowstone. There were swarms of bugs Shell to Cody which made the car look like a blast zone for bug bombs. Once it got dark then it was 75 MPH on a straight, straight, straight road with no middle-line reflectors, just reflectors on the right side of the road to figure out where the road edge was (on account of the road being covered in deep snow through the whole winter I assume). We got to Cody to be greeted by brightly lit KOA campgrounds and RV parks and we headed out of there straight to the national forest. There are USDA and Fish & Wildlife campgrounds out there and we found a great site at “Dead Indian” near a creek for $5 a night (and they take checks, but I think there is a 2 week limit on how long you can stay at one site). By 11:30 we had set up the tent and were asleep, only slightly worried about the possibility of bear rummaging through our tent since we had two snoring canines which smelled like (among other things) the tasty dinner they had just consumed.


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