New theme

The grass was okay, but I am trying out other stuff. WordPress rulz!

Maybe Grass IS better.


4 thoughts on “New theme

  1. Of course WordPress is cooler than blogger. Did you learn PHP, though?

    TWiki’s RSS system is broken, I think I’m going to switch to WordPress soon. I’m going to keep the twiki up though, it’s the best open source Wiki-based CMS, imo…. simply because there are so many cool plugins that allow you to suck info from Pubmed, dynamically render latex, etc.

    Do you use an RSS reader btw? Netnewswire on OSX is c00l.

  2. I do like what you can do with with TWiki for wikis, but we are using Wikimedia for the new BioPerl site but there are things i like about Twiki. There is a Biblio plugin for Wikimedia that makes it easier to use for that sort of stuff.

    For RSS I have been using Vienna on OSX – although can’t really keep up with the feeds, Safari works fine for me too it seem.

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