Hiking surprises

Went for a hike today with our dogs and our friend Amy’s dog (who was also taking care of Eric’s dog). 4 dogs, 3 people. Wow! Weather was great, a little gray skies, but warmish.

Amy and Denali

Saw this old graveyard about halfway out on the hike.

eno gravestone 1eno gravestone 2

So we get about 2 miles in, and across the river we see something white in the bushes. Looks like a tiny snout from afar from some sort of furry being. We thought it was a small dog, turns out to be a lost greyhound (so a LARGE dog). He appears to be hurt on one paw, running through the brush? He can’t walk he is so exhausted or famished. We have only one choice, to carry him back to the car as it is getting dark and cold. We end up carrying him on our shoulders, all 60 75 lbs (updated after meeting the owners), back to the car, probably a mile or so. Crazy day.

He sleeps at our house, we make a little baracade in the kitchen hallway in case he has any illness he shouldn’t share with our two canines. He is extremely timid and just sleeps, has no energy to do much on the first night. Starts to perk up on the second day enough to escape from his little pen to sleep on the couch overnight. I hope we can find his parents!

Eno asleep 2Amy and Eno 2Amy and Eno 1Eno asleep 3


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